Our Services

Private Investigations

Our licensed investigators have years of experience with law enforcement agencies and the private sector. We specialize in corporate fraud detection, infiltrations to high risk work environments and mobile surveillance. We work regularly with leading law firms specializing in family law. It will be our pleasure to send one of our representatives to tell you more about our unique investigative methods, tailored solutions to our customers’ requests and our competitive prices.

Lockdown Training / Security Training

Perceptage International Inc. offers comprehensive training sessions that are custom tailored to the size of the group, age of the participants and type of institution. Our instructors are sensitive when teaching younger children, using special technics to help minimize the frightening nature of a lockdown scenario. The training is broken down into two sections, theoretical training which is conducted in a group setting, and the practical training which includes different simulated scenarios.

Federal Security Grant Applications

We provide or clients with a complete turnkey security solution as it relates to Federal Security Grants.

Our team of specialists will conduct an advanced site evaluation and provide a detailed Security Assessment Report. We begin by performing an in-depth site security evaluation. Once we complete the evaluation we will obtain quotes from independent security equipment suppliers. (If you have a supplier that you have used in the past, we will be glad to ask them to provide a quote for the equipment we recommend). We will prepare a detailed quote for “training of personnel to improve their safety skills and knowledge”, including details of our nationally recognized Lockdown training and Emergency Preparedness training. After we receive the quotes, we will complete the government application forms, including the quotes received as well as all pertinent supporting documents need for the application. Once the grant is approved, we will coordinate and schedule the installation/implementation of the security equipment as approved in the grant and begin the lockdown / emergency preparedness training.

International Close Protection Services

Our Close Protection Officers are equipped with the right skillset and methodologies to operate in high-risk environments as team-leaders. During their lengthy training process, they get qualified as trauma first aiders, combat profilers (reading of their environments and people’s behaviors), various surveillance & counter-surveillance methods and tactical driving. Once deployed, our Close Protection Officers are fully autonomous and require very little assistance from the client in executing their mandates.

Loss Prevention

Our loss prevention consults develop and implement customized strategies to prevent inventory shrinkage. The loss prevention investigation team can  investigate known or suspected internal theft, external theft, or vendor fraud. We provide our clients monitoring and surveillance equipment to prevent shoplifting.  We conduct store or warehouse audits to identify problem areas or procedural deficiencies and we can implement shoplifting deterrent strategies.

Cannabis Industry Security Compliance

While Perceptage International Inc. specializes in threat assessment, emergency protocol development and implementation, security system integration, and web intelligence services, since the introduction of Bill C-45 in October 2018, we are in an excellent position to provide our clients, who are in the Canadian cannabis industry, with our unique expertise. Our North American client base includes government agencies, financial institutions, charities, educational institutions and private companies.

Our services include providing you with the following services: A. Canadian Cannabis License Application (Micro-Cultivator). This consist of following all Canadian Cannabis Regulations as well as Excise Duties on Cannabis regulation. B. Security clearance requirements. C. Physical Security Measures. D. Site Layout/Design. E. Perimeter of Site (Visual monitoring, Intrusion detection, Monitoring and response etc.). F. Standard Operating Procedures (Pest control, storage distribution etc.).  G. Packaging and Labeling