Cannabis Industry Security Compliance

While Perceptage International Inc. specializes in threat assessment, emergency protocol development and implementation, security system integration, and web intelligence services, since the introduction of Bill C-45 in October 2018, we are in an excellent position to provide our clients, who are in the Canadian cannabis industry, with our unique expertise. Our North American client base includes government agencies, financial institutions, charities, educational institutions and private companies.

Our services include providing you with the following services: A. Canadian Cannabis License Application (Micro-Cultivator). This consist of following all Canadian Cannabis Regulations as well as Excise Duties on Cannabis regulation. B. Security clearance requirements. C. Physical Security Measures. D. Site Layout/Design. E. Perimeter of Site (Visual monitoring, Intrusion detection, Monitoring and response etc.). F. Standard Operating Procedures (Pest control, storage distribution etc.).  G. Packaging and Labeling