Security Services

  • Comprehensive Security / Vulnerability Assessment Reports
  • Lockdown / Active Shooter & Aggressive Intruder Training
  • Emergency Preparedness – Bomb Threats (phone calls, emails, etc.), Unattended & Suspicious Items (mail, parcels, vehicles), Large Scale Events (security planning)
  • Security Manuals & Emergency Response Guidelines
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Lockdown / Active Shooter Training(Establish Safe Zones & Protocols)
  • Lockdown Drills & Ongoing Staff Training
  • Emergency Preparedness Training – Bomb Threats (phone calls, emails, etc.)
  • Situational Awareness (radicalization, workplace violence)
  • Evaluate External / Internal Threats
  • Security Assessment & Reports
  • Security Infrastructure Program Application
  • Security Implementation/Project Mgmt.
  • Lockdown/Active Shooter Training & Drills
  • Hate Crime Preparedness /Training - Hate Mail / Phone threats, Bomb Threats etc.
  • Equipped with the right skillset and methodologies to operate in high-risk environments as team-leaders.
  • Trained & qualified as trauma first responders, combat profilers (environmental awareness & profiling), various surveillance & counter-surveillance methods, and tactical driving
  • Fully autonomous, requiring minimal assistance from the client to execute their mandates
  • Develop And Implement Strategies To Prevent Inventory Shrinkage
  • Investigate Known Or Suspected Internal Theft, External Theft, Or Vendor Fraud
  • Monitoring & Surveillance Equipment To Prevent Shoplifting
  • Conduct Store Or Warehouse Audits To Identify Problem Areas Or Procedural Deficiencies
  • Implement Shoplifting Deterrent Strategies
  • Site Security Assessment / Inspection
  • Security Package application (Part 4 of Cannabis Regulations)
  • Ensure Compliancy of Security Equipment & Installation
  • Security Implementation/Project Mgmt.

Homeland Security summit in Lakewood, New Jersey to prepare and protect against violence.

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